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The Gin Blossoms - Until I Hear It From You (Jesse Valenzuela/Marshall Crenshaw)

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    Use a flat-pick and fingers to
    pick the intro.

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Until I Hear It From You (12-String Electric) WAV (108 KB) MP3 (54 KB)
Until I Hear It From You (Acoustic) WAV (62 KB) MP3 (31 KB)
     Key: G
       G              Em                Bm                D
E ||---3-----2-0-----|---3-----2-0-----|---2-----0-----0-|---2-----0-----0|
B ||-----3-------3---|-----3-------3---|-----3-----3-----|-----3-----3----|
G ||-0-----0-------0-|-------0-------0-|-------4-----4---|-------2-----2--|
D ||-----------------|-2---------------|-4---------------|-0--------------|
A ||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|
E ||-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|

(2 times)

G        Em                         Bm
I didn't ask, they shouldn't have told me
   D                    G                    Em
At first I laughed, but now  It's sinking in fast, 
whatever they've sold me

              D    		   C                D
CHO:	Well baby, I don't want to take advice from fools
                         C              D
 	I'll just figure everything is cool
              G    G/F#m       Em  D C
	||: Til I hear it from you  :||

G        Em                 Bm 
It gets hard, when memory's faded
 D		      G
Who'll gets what they say
            Em                        Bm
It's likely they're just jealous and jaded  (CHO)

	D               G
BRI:	I can't let it get me off
 	C          A7sus
	Break up my train of thought
	D                G
	As far as I know nothing's wrong
	F     C            G
	Til I hear it from you (solo)

G              Em                   Bm
Still thinking about not living without it
D               G
Outside looking in  
              Em                    Bm
still talking about not stepping around it
maybe... CHO

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